Jack’s Firehouse Restaurant is situated in a 19th Century Firehouse in the charming Fairmount Neighborhood of Philadelphia. Much of the original mahogany interior, wood plank floors, and even the brass fire pole remain intact to provide one of the most unique dining settings in the region. We are located directly across the street from the Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site.

The fire company originally housed at Jack's was Truck "A" now referred to as Ladder Company 1 which is currently located at 1541 Parish Street with Engine Company 13. Truck "A" was the very first Truck of the paid Philadelphia Fire Department on March 15, 1871. Truck "A"'s location (Jack's) was 2132 Coates Street. Coates Street was renamed to Fairmount Avenue on January 1, 1900. Ladder Company 1 moved to it's present location on December 20, 1954.

In those days Jack's housed a Gardner & Fleming carriage, with seven ladders, 45, 40, 35, 30, 25, 20 and 12 feet lengths, also five hooks, two axes, two picks, two buckets, four lanterns, one crowbar, three hay forks and one rope. The total weight with equipment and men was 7,500 pounds. In addition to the main carriage, a four-wheeled hose carriage was stored, with 350 feet of leather hose.

Following you will find a table of the original firemen of Truck "A" in 1872 with their positions, ages, residences, and occupations.

Thomas Nicholson Foreman 34 1502 Penna. Ave Carpenter
James Edwards Driver 27 2203 Hare Street Teamster
Charles Seeger Tiller man 23 1029 Stocker St. Plasterer
Edward Carty Ladderman 28 552 Osprey St. Laborer
Joseph Heyls Ladderman 23 2511 Callowhill St. Laborer
C.E. Osbourne Ladderman 22 512 Taylor St. Weaver
George T. Snyder Ladderman 25 809 Spring Garden St Cooper
Samuel Meredith Ladderman 24 1127 Frankford Rd Carpenter
Joseph Ticknor Ladderman 27 2511 Callowhill St Painter
John Pancoast Ladderman 28 2130 Coates Street Bricklayer
William Forman Ladderman 42 609 Fisher St House Painter
William H Wallace Ladderman 35 Mica ab. Aldine St BookBinder
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